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Monday 30 March 2015

L is for Love

Nearly every Valentine's Day, I hear the same thing: "Why do we need a holiday to show LOVE?" It is akin to what is said each Thanksgiving. “Why aren't people thankful ALL the time?”

And my answer is always the same: because we are human. Yes, we should ALL be LOVING and thankful ALL the time. But sometimes, we're not. Sometimes, we are tired, or grumpy, or distracted, or overwhelmed. Our thoughts are overstuffed by the busyness of LIFE.

I, for one, need/want special days to remember veterans, or show thanks, or express LOVE, or the LIKE.

Here are some Valentine's Day statistics.

From HERE:

The music industry LOVES LOVE. The latest project from Nickolay Lamm—a Pittsburgh-based digital artist...tracked the popularity of certain keywords across more than 50 years of the Billboard charts. One of the most consistent words? LOVE.

Lamm's "History of Music" project details every song on Billboard's Year-End Hot 100 list since 1960. Each colored rectangle in the visualization represents one song, and each column represents one year of the list, organized from the top of the graph to the bottom starting with the year's most popular song. The redder the rectangle is, the more times that word popped up in the song’s lyrics. Blue means it wasn't mentioned at all. You can see not only how often a word has appeared in pop music over the decades, but what percentage of each song was dedicated to that word.

Since "LOVE" has taken a dip in our music this century, we obviously need to have show more LOVE at every opportunity. Here are the lyrics of a noted song on the topic, circa 1967:

There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
Nothing you can say but you can LEARN how to play the game
It's easy

Nothing you can make that can't be made
No one you can save that can't be saved
Nothing you can do but you can LEARN how to be you in time
It's easy

Nothing you can know that isn't known
Nothing you can see that isn't shown
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
It's easy

All you need is LOVE
All you need is LOVE
All you need is LOVE, LOVE
LOVE is all you need

From the movie LOVE Actually.

The version by some British band, the name of which currently escapes me.

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  1. I enjoy how much I learn from you. Thank you.

  2. I agree we should be loving and grateful and compassionate all the time but since we are not that some reminders are always helpful :)

  3. All you need is anthem indeed.

    LOVE to all,
    Di xx
    ABCW team.

  4. 'Some British Band' ROGER ! just read that.. ONLY... THE BEATLES,

    My home town band from LIVERPOOL,,,,,,She LOVES you yea yea yea!

    LOVE Di xx

  5. Who doesn't love love? Great post. Thank you, Roger and the entire ABCWednesday team.

  6. I loved the movie- Love Actually :)
    This song has great lyrics.
    I agree with your views, Roger.
    Everyday should be a day for love & gratitude.
    Have a great week!

  7. funny guy! I too like having special days for showing love, respect, honor...Too many of us are way too busy and need these days of remembrance. Thanks to you and your team for continuing to bring this meme to us each week.

  8. Thanks for the lovely intro to L, Roger!!

  9. It's funny. I have just finished watching Glee 5 and this song was sung. I like it.

  10. Should be valid for the whole world !

  11. I agree with that :
    All you need is love!
    Wow! Ain't that the truth?

  12. I love this post. Thank you. I had no idea that songs have been singing less about love these last 15 years. Makes sense now why more people have become less tolerant and more spiteful. They aren't receiving the subliminal love messages.

  13. Uberiffic intro...made up words can't even do it justice♪

  14. Wow 2013 don't seemed to be having much love.

  15. Lovely intro Roger. If only we'd remember to be loving all the time we'd be much happier. Reminders are always welcome.

  16. I enjoyed reading the post. Love is the most endearing emotion God has gifted us.