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Monday 17 April 2017

O is for observations about the ABC W alphabet

This being the last round that I'M running the ABC Wednesday meme before Melody takes over, I've been musing over a bit of history of the participation by youse folks over the years. I've looked through all of the inLinks data, which started with 6Z (82 participants) - before that, Denise was using a different product to allow you to post. I've calculated the average participation for every letter for Rounds 7 through 19.

The highest numbers were always in Round 7 and/or 8 (it was a tie in the Z week), and the lowest in Rounds 18 or 19, with one odd exception. I'm pleased to note that in Round 20, the numbers are higher than in Round 19.

A-88.54 (high 128, low 45) - A is almost always lower than B, except in Round 13
B-96.38 (high 147, low 47)
C-98.23 (high 149, low 50) - as you can see, the highest average
D-91.85 (high 136, low 49)
E-87.54 (high 138, low 43)

F-95.38 (high 151, low 48) - 151, in Round 8, is the highest number we've reached
G-92.54 (high 141, low 53) - for my own posts, I was tempted to always use green, but I chose otherwise
H-91.15 (high 147, low 48)
I-84.69 (high 139, low 45)
J-82.15 (high 141, low 41)

K-80.54 (high 127, low 44) - K is a difficult letter to find a word?
L-86.23 (high 145, low 50)
M-86.46 (high 139, low 41)
N-78.08 (high 126, low 43)
O-80.00 (high 126, low 51) - I thought that the vowels in general did worse than the vowels around them; not so here
P-88.54 (high 143, low 50)
Q-72.00 (high 114, low 46) - for my own posts, I used Queen more than once, including Elizabeth II and Freddie Mercury
R-80.46 (high 117, low 45) - I've written about two dozen of these intros, probably more than anyone except Denise, who wrote them all in the early days
S-83.85 (high 117, low 49)
T-83.38 (high 137, low 50)

U-70.38 (high 109, low 42)
V-72.54 (high 104, low 45)
W-77.38 (high 108, low 51)
X-56.54 (high 88, low 35) - half the time, this lands around the winter holidays in the Northern Hemisphere; many have used Xmas, and/or shapes that LOOK like the letter X
Y-64.46 (high 94, low 45) - we hit 45 in rounds 15, 17, 18 AND 19
Z-60.46 (high 85, low 34) -the lowest number we reached was in Round 18



  1. Very informative, you've put in a great lot of work... I am glad to take over so you can take a little rest ;-) But not to much because I need you to have my back ;-) ;-)

  2. Whoa. That's a lot of math INDEED.
    My English major eyes are rolling in circles here. ;-)
    Thanks for all you've done with ABC Wednesday. I've enjoyed the inspiration!

    And Happy Letter O Day -- (which also happens to correspond with the April A to Z Blogging Challenge letter for today.
    Oddfellow, Don't Bellow. Oft to engage owns only rage on one man’s stage

  3. Do you have any conclusions to OFFER us? OR should we simply plow ON with OPTIMISM? I started Round 2 Letter B and have always enjoyed participating.

  4. Nice stats Roger, there must be something mesmerising about the popular 'C' as that is the letter of the alphabet I joined ABC Wednesday in Round 4.

  5. Interesting analysis! I don't think, one can draw any conclusions, though. I've enjoyed my journey with ABC W.Sometimes i missed, not because it's something to do with the LETTER but due to my own issues.
    I feel secure (metaphorically speaking)here. I've come to know the hosts and many participants as well.Wish much more success to the efforts.

  6. You should have had a career in statistics, Roger ;-)
    My "O" is for OKAPIS and OCELOTS.

  7. I never payed attention to the rounds, only to the letters and dates. You are a champion in statistics !

  8. Owza, that's a lot of numbers to digest. :-)

  9. There are three kinds of people in this world: those who are good at math, and those who are not.

  10. There are three kinds of people in this world: those who are good at math, and those who are not.