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Monday 1 May 2017

Q = Qualify

Hello and good morning, -afternoon, -evening, dear people who all participate is this wonderful photo-meme, which is a joy to me, week after week, after week. I’m always curious to what you come up with!

 The challenging letter of this week is and I've chosen for the word: Qualify

Trying to live as 'mindful' as possible I regularIy find myself wondering about what exactly is it that qualifies my life to be 'good', good enough to be able to call myself a happy person, or at least a content one.

Like every other person I have wonderful things to talk about and lesser nice things. We all live the 'game of life' and have to deal with the 'cards' that that 'game' has handed out to us.

 What qualifies my life?
Thinking about this question I can not come up with many answers because all the answers that do come up can be categorized under the denominator Love.
Love for life with all its wonderful things in it.
Also, however difficult that is sometimes, love for the miserable things, because they have taught me so much.  Being surrounded by people I love, nature, animals. Doing things I love. Enjoying wonderful moments, however short they are. Keeping that all in mind and pulling it to the front of my feelings and thoughts, to get courage and strength from at the non-desired moments which force me to put up a fight and not give up.

Quality of life... is, to me at least, not dependent of the numbers which tell me how much money I (don't) have. Ofcourse, I sometimes wish to have some more, but don't we all wish for that every now and then? I love people, animals, nature, blogging, music, photographing, reading and movies; scifi, horror, crime and fantasy being my favorites. I love going out with my camera but at the same time I love to be a couchpotato , whatever that certain moment requires.

 Do I long for an 'excellent' life as the image suggests? No I don't. I am quit content with "Good".
It is good enough for me. Some days are 'average', 'poor' and 'very poor', although we don't want moments like that, they should be experienced because they show us the true value of 'good' and teach us to appreciate the 'good' much more.  To never reach 'excellent' means, at least to me it does, never stop dreaming, never stop reaching for new goals, never give up to try to make things (life... your life....) better.

 How about you?

 Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week ~
♫ M e l o d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)
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  1. I love this, Melody! Sounds like we are quite a bit alike in our outlook on life. I especially love the ending - "never stop dreaming, never stop reaching for new goals, never give up to try to make your life better."

    abcw team

    1. Thank you Leslie, I thought as much already since some time, nice to see I wasn't wrong in my thoughts about that ;-)

      Life is a challenge... and its up to us to take up that challenge

  2. Yours is a good attitude to have, Melody. After all, comparatively speaking, when next to "bad" and "worse", "Good" seems to be "Excellent"!
    My "Q" is for QUOLL & QUOKKA...

    1. you are right in that sense.

      To be only satisfied when life is 'excellent' one will never learn to be content and life will never be beautiful ..

      I will visit you shortly

  3. One's best is excellent enough...
    Some QUINCES for Q from me.

  4. And another "Q" for QUESTIONS answered at the library...

  5. Love is the most important thing in our lives! Thank you for your post and thank you for hosting.

    1. I totally agree Klara!

      you're welcome!!