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Tuesday 13 June 2017

W is for Wisdom

My grandfather wasn't much for borrowing money.
He kind of believed that you should only get what you can afford, that you should pay your own way in the world, and that you shouldn't be beholden to anyone.

He had a saying he used to use from time to time. He'd  tell us "You can't raise this year's crops with next year's rain."

Another saying he used a lot,  when we suggested,  attempted,  or wished for something futile,  he would say "Might as well try and hold back the wind with a pitchfork. "

He'd  use this line frequently when somebody would say something like they wished their puppies would stay little forever or they hope that winter would not come so fast.

Time is like the wind through the pitchfork - it just keeps going and there's nothing we can do to stop it; and so here we are at W.

This is the last time my words will appear on an intro here.

It has been wonderful working with all of you and getting to know so many amazing fascinating and talented people all over the world I'm going to miss you all.

I want to wish you all  good luck in your future endeavors.


And now it's time to go and see what words and works The Winds of time have wrought on your window of the World Wide Web this wonderful Wednesday

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  1. I couldn't agree more!

    Worked for a bank for almost 25 years, have seen lots and lots of misery through debts.
    The only debt we have is our mortgage...

    We've tried to teach our children as well in this and thankfully they have no debts at all, never had, so we keep on hoping that they never will ;-)

  2. What wonderful words of wisdom!

    abcw team

  3. Thank you, Troy for the wonderful wisdom imparted from your grandfather and thank you for keeping this wonderful blog link going and to all, Leslie, Joyce, Gattina, Di, Pheno and Melody for being the one to continue this blog link ~ A Big Thank you and have a wonderful Summer ~ ^_^

  4. We need a lot of wisdom these days...
    Thank you for hosting.

  5. Well-said, Troy. All the best to you too!
    My "W" is for WALRUS...

  6. And "W" also stands for WINTER, WATER, WET and WALKING!

  7. Wise words indeed!
    "W" stands for WERRIBEE in my post. Werribee is a suburb of Melbourne, with the lovely Werribee River flowing through it.

  8. Sigh, well said about how time is like holding back the wind with a pitch fork! Letting go is not easy to do sometimes, so I'll copy this one:):) Thanks for hosting!



  10. Holding back the wind with a pitchfork. What an image! Best wishes to you, Troy.