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Tuesday 19 July 2011

A! Number 9, number 9

Nah, we can't be up to Round 9 of the amazing meme of Mrs. Nesbitt, ABC Wednesday! Can we?

Well, by the look of Troy's new logo - thanks, Troy! - I guess we have.

Interesting thing about A, which, unlike some other letters, seems to appear in most every alphabet, and in the beginning, no less:

In Greek, it's alpha:

I know some of you have been waiting to start, or restart, this meme until we got back to A. So, I suppose it's a good a time as any to go over the rules.

Truth is "ABC Wednesday is all about having fun." And we on the team are disinclined to get all legalistic. "Instead we suggest a Netiquette - a voluntary code of conduct - that should provide a comfortable environment for viewers, participants and commenters alike."

So here it is.
1. Post something on your non-commercial blog/webpage having something to do with the letter of the week. Use your imagination. Put a link to ABC Wednesday in your post and/or put up the logo.

2. Come to this site and link the SPECIFIC link to the Linky thing. It'll be available around 4 p.m., Greenwich Mean Time, which is 11 a.m. or noon in the Eastern part of the United States. Check out this conversion tool.
By the SPECIFIC link, we mean rather than
The primary reason is that people will want to visit your post, and the specific link is easier to find, especially over time. We're really interested in easier.
Which segues nicely to...

3. "Try and visit at least 5 other participants...and comment on their posts. The more sites you do visit, the more comments you will probably get." We all want some lovin'. Someone from the ABC Wednesday team will surely come by your site during the week.

WE HATE to take posts down from the Linky thing, we really do. So if you're clearly commercial, PLEASE don't bother. If you don't mention ABC Wednesday at all, we'll take it down, even if your title the piece A is for Aardvark (or whatever); seems only fair that if we're promoting your post, you promote our blog. A bit of quid pro quo, as it were.

Oh, and if you have any questions, problems, feel free to leave a note in the comments.


  1. Wohooo! This is SO much fun and I thank you for making this happen. I just love posting, visiting and learning so much!

  2. Thanks so much Meryl - great to have you aboard too!

  3. Cool new logo, Troy! Danke! Domo Arigato! Mahalo!

    I never stopped to think about the fact that all languages have he letter "A" and that it usually starts their alphabet. Fascinating connection, I think.

  4. Great new logo Troy. Thanks to Mrs Nesbitt and the other hosts for keeping this going.

  5. Thanks for the fun as always! Love the new logo!!


  6. Here's to the next round - I feel quite new having only joined part way through round 8 - Good Luck everyone - great logo - Jane

  7. Always a pleasure to join this fun meme. Where did round 8 vanish to so quickly? Thanks for hosting and a fresh new logo too :)

  8. Here we go the new colorful. Looks great on my sidebar.

    Thanks for keeping us going...this is such a nice break in the middle of the week.

  9. A big achievement arriving at Round 9!

  10. Thanks for working so hard at this. It is so much fun and a real motivator to post. I have a small question about the 'specific link' you mention in the prologue. I'm not really very computer savvy. I have been linking to
    I need 'specific link' explained a little more for me. Is 'number 9' supposed to have the word 'number' written out in the link? I will try to link in properly next week if you can put it into words at my very basic level of computer understanding! Thanks much. Love you all.

  11. Chris J - That was an illustration (maybe not a good one). You posted with which is fine for today.

    But let's say that someone comes in a week or month or six months and wants to find what other people did for the letter A. It would be much more difficult to find your specific A post for this week because your subsequent posts would bury it.

    Whereas if you post which is the SPECIFIC post that you created this week for this meme, it will be that link that the viewer will see, not the most recent thing which may or may not have anything to do with ABCW.

    I got the specific link for your blog by clicking on the words A is for. You see the words IS FOR in the URL of the SPECIFIC link. (You don't see A because A, AN and THE are stop words that just don't show up.)

    Does this make sense?

    My example was comparing the basic ABCW blog with this week's SPECIFIC post.

  12. Great to be part of this team. The extra line to the name almost gives a FBI badge like power ;)


  13. Yay for round 9!
    Happy Wednesday everyone!

  14. Amazing—we're going Around Again. Another Auspicious Arrival at the Alphabet!

  15. Thanks Roger. I have often wondered what has been posted in the past but now I know how to find out! I really do have limited skills -- but enough to find my way around quite a bit. Thank goodness I learned when I did!

  16. Oooh, it's all different! Well, hello all!

    I'm here again, late as usual, but joining in again for a while. :)

  17. Hello, Roger, Mrs.Nesbitt and everybody else! It's nice to have another round of wordsmithing, with text and images! :) Amen!

  18. wow, it's round 9 now! congatz to the success. i posted mine over at my

  19. That round went so fast. Man, it is true what they say. Times DOES goes faster the older you get. Grr

  20. Here's to Mrs. Nesbitt and the team - a big thank you to you all!!

    A bright new logo for round nine - very cleverly designed

    Wishing a good week to all!

  21. Congratulation Mrs Nesbitt for the successful round 8 of the ABC. My enty for round 9 is very late but I want to start the ABC with the first letter too.

  22. Congratulations dear Denise! Round 9! Did you imagine that this meme would be so successful, when you started? My entry is about the Ark of Noah.

  23. I tried to post a comment but it's not showing up. Oh well, it was maudlin except for the part where I went a little nuts about the new logo. Troy, you rocked it!

  24. Just began following but am in time for A. Looking forward to getting to know more people!