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Tuesday 28 February 2012

"G" Is For "Gigi" Ann" A Little Bit About Me.

This is me at about 2 years old.
Age: Old enough to know better.
Bed Size: Queen.
Chore that I hate: Grocery shopping.
Dog: Toy Poodle, Joey.
Essential start to my day: Two Cups of Tea.
Favorite colors: Aquamarine and Mauve.
Gold or Silver: Gold.
Height: 5'2"
Instruments I play: My mouth, can't play any instrument.
Job Title: Retired and lovin' it.
Favorite Restaurant: McDonald's.
Kids: Five.
Live: One day at a time.
Mother-in-Laws name: Same as mine...Anna
Nicknames: Honey, Mommy.
Pet Peeves: Tardiness, can't stand it.
Quote from a movie: "You had me at Hello!" and "Go Ahead...Make My Day!"
Right or Left Handed: Right.
Siblings: 5 sisters, 2 brothers.
Time I wake up: Between 5 and 7 am.
Underwear: Granny style. ; ))
Vegetable I hate: Bamboo Shoots.
What makes you run late: When I over sleep, or am just in slow motion that day.
Yummy food that I make: Chili...
Zoo Animal: Tigers.
Favorite Hobby: Reading.
This is me today in my Reading Corner.
Gigi means "Great-Grandma" Now doesn't Gigi sound better than Great-Grandma? My hubby and I had 5 children. 3 sons and 2 daughters. We now have 10 Grandchildren, and 6 Great-Grandchildren, with one on the way in May. Therefore, that makes me a "Gigi."


  1. I LOVE the information and can relate to so much of it! Regarding instruments you play - my brother in law, (as a teen) when asked what musical instruments he played would respond:
    "I play two instruments. The piano and my mother's nerves!"

    Have a great week and thanks for the lovely intro. I leave with a warm, wide smile!

  2. Great intro thanks so much - always great to get to know fellow bloggers! Let ABC long continue.
    Denise ABC Team

  3. Thanks for the intro. ALSO, thanks for your help with the Word Verification problem.

  4. I agree, Gigi is much better, it's hip and chic. In the country where I came from it is actually a name hehehe. I would love to taste some of your chili, I love chilis too.

  5. Yes! Gigi DOES sound better than Grandma! Someday (in the distant future I hope as my son is only 20), I hope to adopt that name too! Guess I'll be Gigi Paula! Loved learning more about you.

  6. Wow that was quite an alphabet-challenge! So that's where Gigi comes from. I had no idea! :)

  7. Lots of fun things in your intro, Ann. I guessed that's what Gigi meant. I have great fun, however, with my friend who grew up across the street from me. I love calling her Great Grandma Gloria. It makes me feel so young. LOL

  8. Hello Gigi Ann.
    LOVE your intro. "Gigi" sounds quite romantic...even sultry (smile).

    Have a great week everyone!
    Garden Of Life

    1. I have changed my blog address. Here's my entry for this week:
      Garden Of Life

  9. Nice intro, Gigi. I'm liking your reading corner, too :)

  10. That's why my name is Nana -to me it sounds endearing. Grandma just sounds old to me. Don't mind grocery shopping, because I think of all the yummy food I'll be eating, but I do mind anything in the cleaning department, no Gratification in that:)

  11. Hi Gigi! I so much enjoyed your intro. Gigi is a great name, wish i had thought of that. Love your reading corner.

  12. It's nice to put a character to a face. I like GG, but I'll never attain it as I had my children too late in life to achieve that status. When I became a grandmother I wanted to be called Brendy (my name is Brenda) but my daughter, who is a much more traditional person than I am, said 'No! You're Grandma!' So I'm stuck with it.

  13. Gigi - love it! We have a few things in common - including almost the same name! I'm not retired though, just starting on a second career. And no grandchildren yet, great or otherwise! lol I too love your reading corner, looks like a super comfy spot to settle in for a reading marathon :)

  14. Tardiness drives me crazy, too!

  15. I know many with the name Gigi :) Love the intro..


  16. I agree with you on Tardiness, no excuse for being late at all. Hi Gigi, yes it does sound so much nicer than great grandma.
    A pleasure meeting you :)

  17. I do think Gigi is much better then Greatgrandma. . .My sister-in-law called her Greatgrandma Granny :) When my mother became a Greatgrandma my brother tried Granny out on my mom. Let's just say it didn't Go over to well. :)

  18. Hi Gigi, thank you for your wonderful introduction and accompanying photo. I love that Gigi stands for Great Grandmother and it looks like you have a wonderful family.

  19. I like the sound of Gigi - will have to remember that when the grandkids start gifting us with great-grandkids.

  20. wow, that is a blessing to be a Gigi, great grandmother :)

  21. Nice intro and cute picture. thanks for sharing.