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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Blogger blogs word verification

HELP PLEASE I want to remove word verfication. But I don't know how!


  1. Look for titles..




    Browse down, gives you options :)

    Good luck!

  2. I must say that Blogger blogs' new word verification/captcha system is TERRIBLE, It requires TWO words, and on one, there's always this black dot, with part of the word in white, and it is often difficult to read. When you visit your fellow bloggers this wee, you WILL know what I mean. For one visitor, it took me FOUR times to get the correct combination of words.
    If people are worried about receiving spam, they can change their settings to comment moderation, where they approve each comment before it sees the light of day. (Some blogs have both word verification AND comment moderation, which I think might inhibit reader comments.)

    1. Yup word verification is so annoying, time consuming and a hassle. I hope you can remove the word verification here hehehe.

      I admit, when I don't get the word verification once or twice twice, I just leave the page because it's a waste of time trying to read it..

  3. I think you got the answer in the first comment. I agree with Roger. The new WV has me convinced I'm a robot - and a bad one at that!

  4. You have to be in the old interface to do it. There you follow Melissa's instructions. Get to the old interface from one of the cog icons in the new.

    They have, at least, removed the dreadful shadow after our many protests, but it is only marginally better. I was doing a test comment for a blogger who blogs in Hebrew this morning. The Hebrew did not cause me much problem--I found the comment link--but then was blocked because I could not solve the captcha.

  5. Tina - I did not even know there was WV on this site, because, as an author of the site, I don't see it. I haven't gotten rid of it entirely; anyone posting after a couple weeks will see WV, but most people write in the first week.

  6. Good move Roger! xxx We can all breath a sigh of relief xxx

  7. Thanks guys! The problem is solved and the WV removed. Have a good WV less time.

  8. Just go here Jill Samter Photography explains here how to do it with photos !
    Good luck !

  9. I don't know who came up with the new WV at blogger, but I think it's time to correct those awful words that we can't even figure out. I like Chubskulit just give up and leave after a few failures at trying to figure out the WV puzzle.

    It is still here, so will try to leave my answer. Grrrr....

  10. Checking to see if WV is still here.

  11. Yippee!!! It is gone for now... ; ))