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Tuesday 28 August 2012

G is for Go Green

When I was growing up, if someone said they were going green that meant they were sick.


The expression green around the gills means someone is ill from motion sickness, the flu, or perhaps from too much alcohol. 

I'm not sure when Go Green first became a battle cry for environmental movements. 

My guess would be that it was sometime in the early 1970s that Go Green started being adopted as a slogan for anything from ocean conservation groups to recycling efforts.

Sometimes go green becomes ironic because it's used by commercial enterprises that aren't particularly good for the environment. They want you to think their products are better for the environment than their competitors products and begin their ad with GO GREEN.

Language and expressions can be confusing but tone of voice helps. If I say I'm going green and sound like I'm about to pass out that probably means I'm green around the gills. If I say I'm going green with a happy tone of voice, you can assume it has to do with an environmental issue I'm trying to help with my genuine efforts.

Gee whiz on with the games . . .


  1. I, of course, applaud the GREEN effort.

  2. Green is always a positive word innature. A green person is an innocent person, very unexperienced too.

  3. Wonderful green shots!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Happy day****

  4. You found many wonderful photos to underscore the main theme of your "G"--green is beautiful!

  5. Commercial enterprises -- like cigarette companies sponsoring a golf tournament featuring players on the green :)

    I love the photos. Green soothes the eyes.

  6. I was going to mention going "Roger Green' too!!! Great post and here's to a GREAT week.

  7. My entry this week—Gnaw!—isn't nearly as frightening as it might appear, unless you're disturbed by the state of the Canadian film industry.

  8. Although I have used the word 'green' in my title, it is more akin to your version of 'going green' and that's putting it lightly!
    Great post (golly gee whiz!).

  9. Well done - I fully support all green issues - but it is a very controversial issue - especially in the UK when land is grabbed for industrial expansion - such as a third runway for Heathrow Airport - love your green pictures - A good G blog - Jane uk

  10. Hello.
    Nice photos Carver!
    This is my 300th post - G is for: A Guest In Your Heart
    Have a Good week everyone!

  11. Terrific variety of greens in these photos! The first one is so cute and love the greens of ferns! Fantastic series of green expressions!

  12. Good great, grand and very green indeed


  13. When I go green, I am sick !

  14. Greenery! i long to see that here in the desert.

    My entry for the week, i am taking you all to The Grand Palace of Bangkok

  15. Going green - in Dutch there's a similar expression: seeing green in the face. Going green around the fills is a new one for me!

  16. Gallantly going green- I have been trying to persuade the masses for the need for earth to go green for the past 30 years but the majority still fail to heed the green warnings, prefering greed instead. Politicians sadly too.

  17. Carver, I was thinking that the photos looked like North Carolina. Then, I noticed you posted. Did you took the photos here? So glad you are involved with ABC W. It is a fabulous meme! One of the few I still participate in.

  18. Ah green...such a perfect color. Your shades of it are brilliant!

  19. Such a fantastic Go Green post!
    Absolutely a delight to read.
    Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful meme.

    Mine is here
    Have you a FANTABULOUS WEEK!!!

  20. GREAT job with the GORGEOUS GREEN the last one with the barn/farm house. So peaceful, so lovely. Almost a painting...

  21. Love all your shades of green, and your great commentary...:)

  22. Shades of Green....should be a book. Nice G post♫♪

  23. green with envy, and green with jeolousy.

  24. Green is my favorite color and this post suits me very much. linking with my green grass at home:)